Where Should You Advertise? Part 2
What Should You Advertise?

I don't care what the nature of your business is; the only thing you should advertise is a Sales Letter.

What is a Sales Letter?

Before I tell you what is a sales letter, let me tell you what a sales letter is NOT.

Anything that does not have an outstanding headline is not a sales letter.

Anything that does not have a PROMINENT call to action is not a sales letter.

If your optin form is hidden at one corner of your sales letter, please do not expect your prospects to search for it and opt in!

A sales letter is not your beautiful homepage, unless your homepage is a sales letter.

A sales letter should not be hosted on a free server, especially those with frames and advertisements scattering all over the pages. Who has confidence to buy from you if you can't even pay for cheap hosting?

A sales letter should not have a colorful background with hard to read wordings. The best is to use white or light color background and mainly black wordings. Fonts should be limited to Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Impact and Times New Roman.

 A sales letter is not a product catalog that displays all kind of products you sell.

 A sales letter is not your blog homepage that lists down the recent articles.

A sales letter should not have too many links or navigation bars to distract the prospects or divert their attention.

You want your prospects to read your sales letter from top to bottom and then take action on whatever action you want them to take. That's it. Please don't add other irrelevant links to the sales letter.

A powerful Sales Letter for advertising should consist of 3 important elements:

1. It must have a headline that clearly summarizes the USP (unique selling preposition) of your offer and provide a hook that will make the reader want to read further.

2. It must transfer tremendous amount of confidence about you and your product to the prospects. It must also make the prospects feel that your offer is tailored made for them.

Remember, Sales is all about transfer of confidence.

3. If the sales letter is used to generate leads, it must transfer tremendous amount of curiosity about your offer to the prospects.

It must have a powerful closing that will make people take immediate action.

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