Why Advertising Doesn't Work? Part 1
In advertising, there is no trust between you and your prospects; there is no recommendation whatsoever.

People usually look at an ad as a sales pitch.

"You are trying to sell me. You are trying to sell me."

That is the mentality of a prospect when he/she looks at an ad.

The prospects are usually more defensive and more skeptical than usual when they look at an advertisement. That means it is harder to sell them.

When it comes to advertising, you have to think of your prospects as someone who is very selfish. They are not interested in you. They are not interested in what you offer.

They are ONLY interested in themselves.

They are ONLY interested in "What's in it for ME?"

You have to assume that they are very busy and lazy. They have no time to figure out what your website is all about or what you are trying to sell.

In fact, they don't even have time to look at your ad at all!

Most of them will NOT read the full contents of your ad.

Most of them will just look at the headline of your website and then leave the website.

If you really have a headline that captures their attention, they will just scroll up and down your website, scanning through the headings and subheadings to get an overall feel of your ad.

If they think there is nothing exciting about your offer, they will leave your website.

It doesn't take them more than 30 seconds to form an impression about you and your offer.

Now you see why advertising is the WORST form of traffic generation? 
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