Why Advertising Doesn't Work? Part 3
 If so, Why Should You Advertise?

1) Minimal resources required

If you have no list, no JV partners and no network, advertising, especially paid advertising, can bring instant targeted traffic to your website or ecommerce sites.

2) For reputation

Despite of all the "bad things" I've said about your prospects, such as being selfish, skeptical and all that, one good thing about advertising is that your prospects do see you as someone who is serious about your offer!

This is especially true for paid advertising, the more expensive the better.

The fact that you are willing to pay to advertise gives them the confidence that you are serious about your business and they can trust your company.

It also gives them the confidence that your product is up-to-date and valid.

3) For its leveraging capability

The most important benefit of advertising is leverage.

In advertising, you can advertise a page that is NOT written by you.

You can say "Here is how I make $300 a day working from home", but the word "I" refers to the author of the sales letter, not you!

This is what I mean by leverage.

If you are a newbie in online marketing, you have neither earning proofs nor testimonials.

How on earth are you going to convince people to buy your recommendation if YOU in the first place have not made a single cent?

There must be a start somewhere and the start is to advertise in the capacity of another person.

Is this ethical? You may ask.

Well, you are not faking any testimonial or earning proof. As long as what you write is true, I don't see any ethical issue here.

Anyway, your prospects don't even know who is advertising.

They may just think that the author of the sales letter is the one who advertise, which is true in that context. The only difference is you are paying for the ad and making money from the ad.

I've seen this method work for too many beginners and it will work for you.

After you've started making money, you can go ahead and show off your big cheques or income statement.

Before that, you need to leverage.

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