Why Advertising Doesn't Work? Part 5
 Why No Sales?

When you advertise, your aim is NOT to drive traffic to your website. Your aim is to generate Sales!

Note: the word "Sales" refers to any action you want someone to take.

Asking your girlfriend to marry you is Sales; getting people to opt in to your list is Sales; convincing someone to buy something is also Sales.

When I told my advertisers that "your aim is not to drive traffic but to generate Sales", most of them told me, "Of course I know!".

Do they really know? They don't!

Their minds may be thinking of generating Sales, but their sales letters are NOT optimized to generate Sales!

In the first place, they don't even have an idea of what is Sales.

There is one extremely important concept that I need you to memorize by heart.

I'm serious!

Most people cannot sell a single thing because they don't understand this simple concept. On the contrary, once you understand this concept, you can sell almost anything.

The concept is:

Sales is a transfer of confidence.

Regardless of what form of Sales you are engaged in, your main challenge is to transfer your confidence to your prospects, period!

Think about this: There are so many ebooks or training out there teaching you how to make money online. Why are you not buying them?

Is it because of the sales copy?

Is it because of the writer?

The main reason is you do not have the confidence that the ebook, service or product can deliver what it claims.
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