Why Advertising Doesn't Work? Part 6
 The 3 Areas Of Confidence

Since sales is a transfer of confidence, if there is no sales, it means there is a lack of confidence.

What and whose confidence are we talking about?

There are 3 areas of confidence:

1) Confidence in you (the advertiser) or the company

2) Confidence in the product

3) Confidence in themself (the buyer)

Let me explain these three areas of confidence using an example.

If someone you trust recommends you to a new money making program, will you take a look?

Most likely you will, because you have confidence in the person. ( Confidence in the advertiser)

After learning about the program, you notice that it is actually a pyramid scheme. You frown, because you have no confidence in the program. ( No confidence in the product = No sales)

Now, what if it is a program that teaches you how to make money promoting Amazon products? That may sound feasible, i.e. you have confidence that the idea may work. ( Confidence in the product)

The next question that is in your mind is probably "Can I do it?"
(Self confidence).

 If the answer is no, then there is no sale. If the answer is yes, there is a sale.

We can put the relationship into an equation like this:

Changes of Sales = Confidence in You x Product Confidence x Self Confidence

From the formula, you can see that if either one of the confidence is zero, there is no sale.

As a marketer or advertiser, your job is to think of creative ways to increase the self confidence of your prospects, their confidence in the product you are promoting and their confidence in you ('you' can either be the advertiser or the product owner).

STOP asking yourself "How do I sell this product?"

If you ask this question, you are likely to become a salesman that people hate!

Instead, start to think of how you can increase your prospects' confidence in themselves, in your product and in you.

If you think along this line, you can easily come out with many strategies and plans.

Forget about Sales first because once confidence is built, Sales will come naturally.
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