Why Advertising Doesn't Work? Part 7
 How To Guarantee Success In Advertising?

It is more on business strategy rather than advertising. I thought it is important because if you follow this strategy, you're almost guaranteed to experience success in any advertising campaign.

The concept is the same as starting a BBQ fire.

Let me ask you a question, "how do you start a BBQ fire?"

First, you strategically place charcoals in such a way that most of them can come into contact with the fire starters. Then you lit the fire starters and let them burn some of the charcoals.

Once the charcoals are hot, they will spread the heat among other charcoals. By then, you don't need the fire from the fire starters any more.

Advertising is just like the fire starters. When you set up a BBQ fire, you need fire starters.

Similarly, if you want your website to spread like wildfire, you need traffic starters, which is the initial traffic to your website.

Advertising is a quick and easy means to give you that traffic.

If advertising is the fire starter, what then is the 'charcoal'?

In the case of web site traffic, the charcoals are the viral marketing components.

Viral marketing is the most important web site traffic strategy.

You MUST have that in place before even thinking about where to get the initial traffic.

What I'm telling you is not a theory. It's the principle I have been using since 2006 for several online businesses, and it will continue to be my main marketing strategy.

Before I build any new web site, the first question I ask myself is "How can I multiply the initial traffic into more traffic?" If I can't get a good answer to this question, I will not build the web site at all.

When I first started, I had no JV contact and no list. I got all my initial traffic from advertising. I spent quite a bit on advertising (5 figures to be exact), but I soon earned back the money because I put a lot of "charcoals" around my traffic starters.

Get the idea?

The biggest challenge in planning a successful advertising campaign is not in the advertising itself, but what kind of viral marketing components is suitable and effective.

A lot of fine-tuning and testing is needed.

But once you get the right combination, it's like a plane that has taken off. The fly will be smooth.

If you think all you need to get people to talk about your website is an affiliate program, you are dead wrong. Just because you have an affiliate program doesn't mean that people will start spreading the words. In most cases, they won't!

The key in viral marketing is to create a buzz in the community.

You need to position your new web site in such a way that there is some novelty in it, something that will make people say "Hey, it sounds interesting" or "Hey, this is something new".

If you can do that, together with a good support system such as an affiliate program, your web site will spread like wild fire.

Viral marketing components come in many forms. The most common one that you see in the internet marketing industry is having an affiliate program.

Another form that is used by many websites nowadays is social sharing.

The natural form of viral marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, where people simply can't help sharing your service with their friends or in the forum because it's truly useful.

The ultimate form of 'charcoal' is to design your product in such a way that when users use your product, they are at the same time spreading the words for you, without needing them to do it intentionally.

For example, I've seen an event planning site where users can manage their events, including getting people to sign up.

In the process of using that service, the user will have to get the prospects to sign up through its web service. This means the user is at the same time helping to increase the awareness of that website.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many other social sites become so popular because of the same reason.

Unfortunately, not every business can have such a feature built in. It's your challenge to think of one that can fit into your business.

Some of you may think that it is common sense that every business should devise some form of viral marketing. But in reality, many businesses don't. Just look around you.

I'm sure you can find businesses, both online and offline, that rely heavily on advertising to get customers.

The moment advertising stops, the product will soon be forgotten and sales will drop drastically. It's like trying to barbeque chicken wings using just fire starters, without charcoals. It's tiring.

You see, once you have the 'charcoals' in place, as long as you feed the charcoals with some initial fire, the fire will spread.

With the right combination of viral marketing components, the initial traffic will multiply and you'll have traffic from different kinds of sources. If you continue to provide true values to the traffic, success is almost guaranteed. 
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